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As of August 2014, John Cornyn is the Assistant Minority Leader. He is a United States Senator from Texas, and a member of the Republican Party.

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Q: Who is the Assistant minority leader?
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What does the assistant minority leader do?


What are the titles of the leadership of Congress?

Congressional leadership is a follows: House of Representative: Speaker of the House Majority Leader Minority Leader Majority Whip Minority Whip Senate: President of the Senate (vice president of the U. S.) Majority Leader Minority Leader President pro tempore of the Senate Assistant Majority Leader (Majority Whip) Assistant Minority Leader (Minority Whip)

Which position is higher minority leader or minority whip?

The 'Minority Leader' is just that - the leader. The 'Minority Whip' is the 2nd in command or assistant Minority Leader if you will. This is also the case for the majority party leaders as well. This order holds true for both the House and Senate.

Answers to us government book 1 lesson 18 leadership in congress handout?

job of the vice president, senate majority leader, house minority leader, assistant majority leader, senate minority leader

Who are officer of the Senate?

President of the Senate. (Vice President) President Pro Tempore Majority Leader Assistant Majority Leader (Majority Whip) Minority Leader Aissitant Minority Leader (Minority Whip) comment from cm512:::: i asked this question back wen i was a sophomore in high school... in 2011

What is the structure of congress?

House Leadership: Majority Party Speaker of the House Majority Leader Assistant Majority Leader Majority Whip Minority Party Minority Leader Assistant Minority Leader Minority Whip Senate Leadership President of the Senate is the Vice President of U.S. President Pro Tempore--Senator of the Majority Party with Seniority Majority Leadership Senate Majority Leader Assistant Senate Majority Leader Senate Majority Whip Minority Leadership Senate Minority Leader Assistant Senate Minority Leader Senate Minority Whip

Current minority leader?

current minority leader in senate

How do you use minority leader in a sentence?

he is running for minority leader

What are majority leader and minority leader?

majority leaders: have majority support in his/her country. minority: have minority support.

The legislative leader selected by the minority party as spokesperson for the opposition is known as the?

The legislative leader who is selected by the minority party as spokesperson for the opposition is the minority leader. The minority leader provides assistance to incumbents and challengers. The minority leader devises strategies along with other colleagues that will advance the party. The minority leader strives to create harmony and will promote party agenda.

Who is the leader of the house of representative's?

The Speaker of the House is the leader of the House of Representatives. As of June 2014, it is Speaker John Boehner.

Nancy pelosi minority leader?

Pelosi was the House minority leader from 2003-2007.