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Republican Mitch McConnell from Kentucky has been the Minority Leader in the Senate since 2006.

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Senator Mitch McConnell (R- Kentucky)

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Q: Who is the Senate Minority Leader now?
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Current minority leader?

current minority leader in senate

Who is the minority floor leader in the senate?

The current House majority leader is Steny Hoyer, while the current House minority leader is John Boehner my answer is: it is now 2014 and Boehner is Majority leader and Pelosi is Minority leader. this changes with the make up of each Congress

What are the titles of the leadership of Congress?

Congressional leadership is a follows: House of Representative: Speaker of the House Majority Leader Minority Leader Majority Whip Minority Whip Senate: President of the Senate (vice president of the U. S.) Majority Leader Minority Leader President pro tempore of the Senate Assistant Majority Leader (Majority Whip) Assistant Minority Leader (Minority Whip)

Who acts as spokesperson for the party that is not in power in the Senate?

The Senate Minority Leader.

The person in Congress who is the leader of the smaller party in Congress is the?

The leader of the party with the second most members in Congress is called the Senate Minority leader for the Senate and House Minority Leader in the House of Representatives. There may be third party members with just a few members and they might have a leader but that leader is not referred to as the Minority Leader of that House of Congress.

Who is going to be the next sec of senate?

There is no sec of the senate. The senate has a majority leader and a minority leader. The Vice President sits as the president of the senate.

Who is the current minorty leader in the senate of Kenya?

Moses Wetangula is the current minority leader in the senate of Kenya.

What parties are the senate majority and minority floor leaders with?

On October 10, 2007: Senate majority floor leader is a Democrat; Senate minority floor leader is a Republican. This may or may not change in the near future. The answer depends on which party held the most seats after the last election; if any senators died in office and were replaced by their home state Governor - who may or may not be from the dead senator's political party; if a senator happens to switch political parties after election (which has hapened).

Name of the majority leader of the US senate?

The current senate minority leader is Mitch McConnell

Who is the senate minority leader in 2011?

Harry Reid.

Who is the minor leader of senate?

Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Senate leaders titles?

The two primary Senate leadership positions in the United States are the Senate Majority Leader, who is responsible for managing and coordinating legislative priorities for the majority party, and the Senate Minority Leader, who performs a similar role for the minority party.