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Virginian James Madison kept very detailed notes of all that was said throughout the Constitutional Convention. Robert Yates of New York also contributed to the record of the Convention.

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James Madison

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Q: Who is the Virginian who took detailed notes at the constitutional convention?
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Who wrote the unofficial Notes of the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison... also he never missed a Convention and wrote detailed notes.

Who kept detailed diary at the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison held accurate notes during the constitutional convention

Man whose notes tell us much of what happened at the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison was the man who arrived 3 months earlier to begin the blueprints on the constitution and was also the man who took detailed notes at the constitutional convention.

Who kept detailed notes during the Constitutional Convention which have provided us with information about what happened during the meetings?

james madison

Which delegate took copious notes on everything that was said in the Convention in 1843?

James Madison was the delegate who kept a notebook of daily events.

What was James Madison role at the constitutional convention?

James Madison's role at the constitutional convention was to take notes of what every body said.

Who kept detailed notes during the 17878 constitutiional convention?

The person who kept detailed notes during the 1787 convention was James Madison. In fact, James Madison always took notes at every single convention he attended.

Who kept the notes during the constitutional convention?

cassie tatum

Who kept good notes of the Constitutional convention?

James Madison

Who was the of the constitutional convention?

William Jackson was the secretary of the Constitutional Convention. George Washington was president of the convention. The official proceedings and James Madison's notes were the largest blocks of information recorded from the convention.

Why was the constitutional convention help?

The constitutional convention was held to replace the articles of Confederation. The articles were the government before they wrote the constitution. James Madison famously took notes on this convention.

During the constitutional convention what did James Madison take daily?