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Neil Armstrong but his not really strong with his arm strong

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Q: Who is the first austronaut?
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What did neilarmstrong do?

an austronaut

Who was the first female hipanic austronaut to orbit earth?

the first female hispanic astronaut to orbit earth was Ellen Lauri Ochoa

How do austronaut travel?

In space craft.

How did the austronaut feel about going to mars?

they feel happy

Why was friendship 7 given that name?

because its friendship and the austronaut was very friendly

What was some of the jobs for woman?

Austronaut. Chemist Teacher Presidents CEO's Dr's Lawyers

How can you become an austronaut?

to become an astronaut, you'll need to pass many tests and train for a long time and you have to be fit.

What should you study to become an austronaut?

0,02% of the people who want to be astronaut, actually is austronaut. So it doesn't matter what subjects you take, you just need to be very lucky that they choose you!

What if an austronaut freaks out while in space?

they might go back to the space shuttle to get another austraunt or they tell him to calm down and continue

Where do you get the Finn costume on Poptropica?

the best way i know is to get a green backpack from a trooper.get an austronaut helmet get a knight sword and yellow hair and a blue shirt.

Why did Steve McLean become an austronaut?

because He was to special for this planet and his sexual preferences were defiantly out of this world and the fact that he bleached his bum hair was defiantly alien lol =] luv you Steve mac

Why does an austronaut ina satellite have no weight?

Weight is mass time gravity. If there is no gravity effect on someone in space, they are considered "weightless". They continue to have the same amount of mass whether they are in space or on Earth.