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Clarence Birdseye

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Q: Who is the founder of the modernly frozen food industry?
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When Birdseye introduced the first frozen food in 1930 what did the company call it?

Frosted Food. Company officials feared the word frozen would suggest flesh burns. The name was changed to frozen soon after.

Which type of government would most likely own a country's farming industry and distribute food equally to its citizens?

socialist-apex :)

How does public health care improvements during the progressive era still impact America?

So, at the time of the Progressive Era, major changes that were made relating to public health care were regulation of the meat packing industry, as well as the regulation of the Food and Drug industries. The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 banned interstate shipping of impure food and deliberate mislabeling of food and drugs. The Meat Inspection Act of 1906 required federal inspection of meat processing to ensure sanitary conditions. Both these acts are still active, and they have really changed the way we eat and our standards not only with food, but also with the pharmaceutical industry. Although the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) was developed later, this was the start. In these ways, the reforms of the Progressive Era affect our everyday lives, in a good way. This was also the start of health insurance, which some regard as good and others say is bad. Take it however you wish.

Who gave the Maryland colony its name?

The Maryland colony was named after Queen Henrietta Maria of England, who was the wife of King Charles I.

What is global food shortage?

Food Shortage is when there is not enough food available for people to eat. If a food shortage persists it turns into a famine.

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Who created the frozen food industry?

Clarence Birdseye is considered the father of the frozen food industry

How big was the frozen food industry in 1947?

The frozen food industry was a $250 million retail business in 1947

How did the frozen food industry grow during the 1900s?

The frozen food industry grew from a $250 million retail business in 1947 to more than $20 billion by the 1990s, according to the National Frozen Food Association.

When did the frozen food industry evolve?

the early 1960

Can liquid nitrogen be used for snap freezing?

Yes. This is a very common use in the frozen food industry.

What were frozen food industry sales in 1997?

Total retail sales in 1997 reached $24 billion

What were frozen food industry sales in 2003?

Total retail sales in 2003 reached $27.1 billion

What does the dog and cat food industry specialize in?

This industry consists of establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dog and cat food from cereal, meat, and other ingredients. These preparations may be canned, frozen, or dry.

What is SIC 2038?

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing frozen food specialties, not elsewhere classified

What are some trends in the food industry?

The food industry is making a shift from processed, boxed and frozen foods to more orgainic, home cooked, healthier meals. Buying food from local sources, such as a farmers market, is also becoming quite popular.

What provided competition for frozen foods in the early 2000s?

Due to increased competition from other sectors of the food industry, such as refrigerated entrees and ready-to-eat meals prepared by grocery store delis, frozen food sales began to weaken in the early 2000s.

Examples of perishable items in the food industry?

Perishable food is liable to perish,decay or spoilrapidly such as fresh meat,fresh and frozen seafood,ripe fruits,and vegetables.