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There is no office of President in the United Kingdom. HM Queen Elizabeth II is head of state and the Prime Minister, currently David Cameron, is head of government.

(Last update: Sept 2014)

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Q: Who is the president of Britain?
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What was the name of the first president that rule Britain?

Britain has never had a president.

What is name of Britain president?

present no president in britain ,David Cameron is prime minister of britan

Who was president when Britain was defeated?

Britain was not defeated in WWII and Franklin D. Roosevelt was the US president at the time.

When did Britain first have a female president?

Britain doesn't have a president but Margaret Thatcher became Britain's first and only female Prime Minister in 1979.

Who is Britain's preseident?

Britain has never had a President. There is a Prime Minister.

Why did president roosevelt give Britain 50 battleships?

why did president franklin d Roosevelt give Britain 50 battleships

Comparison of Britain and American presidential powers?

No comparison. Britain does not have a president.

Who is the president from groot-brittannië?

Great Britain is a monarchy, has never had a president.

Exective powers of president of Britain?

Britain does not have a president of the country The closest they have to a president figure would be a Prime Minister,which still meets with the Queen to ask for her appoval to run Her government.

Is Tony Blair President of Great Britain?

No, he was Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Which area had its border set at the 49th parallel by President Polk and Britain in 1849?

The area that had its border set at the 49th parallel by President Polk and Britain in 1849 is Oregon.

Did Abraham Lincoln fight Britain?

No, he was a president.