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The general of the revolutionary army was George Washiongton

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Q: Who is the revolutionaries authority?
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What were Americans who supported independence called?

They were called federalists

Who were the revolutionaries?

Different countries had different revolutionaries.

With the help of revolutionaries overthrew the Batista government in 1959 and became head of state and the final authority on all policy decisions in Cuba?

Fidel Castro

What is the value of revolutionaries to God?

and do the revolutionaries have an optimistic or pessimistic view of life? whats the revolutionaries view of life?

What were the members of jacobin club known as?


Two early revolutionaries of India?

2 revolutionaries of India

When was Left Socialist-Revolutionaries created?

Left Socialist-Revolutionaries was created in 1917.

Who were the revolutionaries authority?

The revolutionaries leaders were basically the once that were in command of the operation it self on 1775 the first leader which was in charge of the first armed encounter of the American Revolution was Paul Revere an then "The United Colonies of America," adopted the troops engaged in the siege of Boston as their own "Continental Army," and by unanimous vote appointed George Washington as commander in chief.

When was The Revolutionaries created?

The Revolutionary was created on 1970-07-15.

Do revolutionaries think men are evil?

Many people think man is evil; not just revolutionaries.

When was Centre of Communist Revolutionaries of India created?

Centre of Communist Revolutionaries of India was created in 1988.

When was League of Revolutionaries for a New America created?

League of Revolutionaries for a New America was created in 1968.