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The current Speaker of the House is Nancy Pelosi.

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Q: Who is the speaker of the house of reps.?
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Who is the presiding officer in the House of Reps?


Who is newt grinridge?

Politician-ex speaker House of Reps, USA

Who has the speaker as the chief officer?

The chief officer of the United States House of Representatives or The House is the speaker. The current speaker of the house has been?æRepublican John Boehner since 2011.

Does the speaker hold the highest office in the house?

The Speaker of the House resides over the House or Reps and the Vice President resides over the Senate. No, the Vice President does.

Who was the speaker of the house of reps in Nigeria 2006?

Nigeria doesn't have a House of Representatives. Only the United States has that.

What is the name given to the person who ensures all the rules are followed in the house of reps?

The speaker.

What is name of speaker of house of reps?

John Boehner (since January 5, 2011)

Who is the current speaker of the house of representatives in Queensland?

The house in Queensland's parliament comparable to the House of Reps is called the Legislative Assembly, and the speaker is Fiona Simpson from the LNP.

Who hold the highest position in the house of reps?

Her official title is "The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives" and the office is currently held by Nancy Pelosi.

How many reps does the house of reps have?

435 rep.

Is the mace in the house of reps or senate?

the mace is in the house of reps and when the government go to the senate they take it with them

What state has the fewest reps in the house of reps?

Mr. Steele says 1.