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George Washington was the presiding officer of the "Federal Convention" as it was known then, but has now come to be known as the Constitutional Convention.

As far as ideological leadership goes, James Madison had the most active role in guiding the various discussions through to conclusion. Gouverneur Morris hand wrote most of the Constitution after 23 resolves had been agreed to and he condensed them down to 7 and basically the final form of the Constitution.

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Q: Who led the meeting to create the Constitution?
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The United States. A commission was set up to help them.

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Shays' Rebellion led some to the believe that the U.S. Constitution should create a more powerful federal government. The rebellion was led in part by Daniel Shays.

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The meeting of delegates from German states to create a constitution was the Frankfurt Assembly in 1848-1849. This assembly attempted to unite the German states into a single nation but ultimately failed due to internal disagreements and opposition from conservative forces. The Frankfurt Assembly is considered an important symbol of the early German democratic movement.

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Prior to the Constitution, the country lived under the Articles of Confederation. Many thought the national government created under the articles had proven too weak to effectively deal with the nation's numerous challenges. This belief led to the creation of the US Constitution.

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The meeting was called the Constitutional Convention.

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