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dinosaurs and other creatures like dinosaurs lived on the millions of years ago

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Q: Who lived on earth millons of years ago?
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How long ago did dinosaurs lived on earth?

65 million years ago.

What really happend to the dinosaurs millons years ago is a fact?

what really happened to the dinosaurs million years ago is it a fact

What is the total amount of time that the dinosaurs lived on earth?

the dinosaurs lived from 250 million years ago to 65 million years ago.

When did microorganisms live on earth?

microorganisms lived on earth 3.5 billion years ago.

How many years Homo sapiens lived on earth?

2 million years ago

When was eygpt found?

it was found over millons of years ago! and the first people to find it were the romans...

What year was the year the first dinosaurs lived on earth?

225,000,000 years ago

How long have humans in there present form been on planet earth?

We have been on earth in slightly different form for many years. We first started out as Homo Habilis. They lived about 2 million years ago. Then Homo Erectus came along. They lived about 1 million years ago. They created fire. Neanderthal man was next in line. They lived about 100,000 years ago. And the closest stage to our form was the Cro-Magnon Man, they lived 50,00 years ago.

How long have armadillos lived on the earth?

Armadillos evolved about 50 million years ago.

When did pliosaurs live on earth?

Pliosaurs lived from 251 to 65 million years ago

Why was Venus named after the goddess of love and beauty?

becaues 2.76 millons years ago venus had water and water

Why does Patagonia have semiarid and arid climates?

because aliens extracted/partially extracted the water millons of years ago