Who lost Texas to the us?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Santa Anna was the mmilitary commander or whatever that lost Texas in the battle of the Alamo. :D

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Q: Who lost Texas to the us?
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How was the mexican caudillo who lost texas to the US but his most serene highness?


What part of the mexican territory was lost in the war with the US?

We lost the respect of Mexico

Which group or country lost the most from the entry of Texas into the US?

Mexico; as Texas had been a state of Mexico before it declared independence in 1836 because of this it's annexation into the US in 1848 meant that Mexico wouldn't be able to recover Texas. The issue of Texas also caused the American-Mexican War 1846-48 in which Mexico lost California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico to the US.

What did Mexico consider the US annexation of Texas?

A provocation to start a war, as Mexico had already warned the US that annexation would mean war (it did; and Mexico lost).

What Mexican land was lost to US?

The Texas cession, which included present day California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico.

What Mexican land lost to the US?

The Texas cession, which included present day California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico.

Why did Mexican's plan to colonize Texas backfire?

Because the American settlers allowed by the Mexican government to colonize Texas eventually revolted and won their independence. When the US annexed Texas, such action provoked Mexico into war. When Mexico lost such war, it also lost the whole states of California, Nevada, Utah and Texas, as well as parts of Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico and Kansas.

Lost drivers licience in Texas who do I contact to replace?

Texas department of corrections

Who was the president of Mexico at least nine times and perhaps as many as elevn times and lost Texas to the US?

Juan Antonio de Santa Anna

Has Texas lost a football game in 2009?


Why is Texas poverty percent higher than the US?

Because the US is in Texas and Texas in the US and people lick horses and watermelon

Why did Spain give Texas to the US?

Spain did not give Texas to the US, the US took Texas from Spain in a war.