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The main decision maker was the Continental Congress-- by the way, George Washington wasn't the only general, there were many others.

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Q: Who made decisions during the American Revolution?
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What did the continental congress do during the American revolution?

They made major decisions and established many documents for their colonies.

Who sat on the throne of England during the American Revolution?

King George III was the British ruler during the American Revolution. He imposed taxes on the colonists. This made the colonists dissatisfied, which led to the American Revolution.

How many states made up the US during the American revolution?


What side was Betsy Ross on during the American revolution?

she made the first american flag for general washington

Which group made huge profits on the purchase of bonds issued during the American Revolution?

The Speculators

What made the American Industrial Revolution so important in terms of what was accomplished during it?

Older inventions had vast improvements made on them.

Were cars made during the Industrial Revolution?

Yes cars were made during the industrial revolution. The first car was made around 1886 By Karl Benz, who invented Mercedes Benz

Who made clothes from homespun wool to help the Patriot cause during the American Revolution?

daughters of liberty

What was the percentage loyalist population?

It is estimated that about 20-30% of the American population were Loyalists during the American Revolutionary War.

What was Americas acting government during the American revolution?

The acting government during the American Revolution was the Continental Congress. It served as the central governing body for the colonies and made critical decisions such as declaring independence and managing the war effort against Great Britain. The Continental Congress also drafted and ratified the Articles of Confederation, which served as the nation's first constitution.

Was the declaration made after the American Revolution?

yes one year after the american revolution and that was in 1775 when the american revolution happened but in 1776 the decloration was signed

What does the British Empire have to do with the American Revolution?

Britain was, at the time, ruling America. Their king was the king of the American colonies, and Britain's Parliament made decisions about the colonies. Britain was what the Americans were rebelling against. The American colonists, tired of British rule, rose up and won the American Revolution, shaking off Britain's main hold of the new continent.