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Q: Who made up the membership of the American party?
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What group made up most of the membership of the Dixiecrats?

The Southern Democrats made up most of the membership of the Dixiecrats.

Who founded the American party?

George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967)

How did people join the nazi party?

They filled up an application form and were interviewed (or recommended for membership).

Who founded the AFL and who made up its membership?

Samuel Gompers

How do you cancella a membership?

You can't.The last answer was a made-up lie

You want a membership card on Club Penguin?

you should get one! you can unlock a lot! puffle party 2011 is coming up!!

The Tory party in Britain was made up primarily of?

The Tory party in Britain was made up primarily of men who opposed the Whig party and were supportive of a strong monarchy.

The party in the electorate is made up of people who?

Votes for a party's candidates

Where can i stock up on supplies for my next event/party?

A great place to stock up on supplies at a reasonable rate, is Costco. Find a friend with a Costco or Sam's Club membership and you can get 500 forks for about $25, as well as supersized quantities of plates, cutlery, drinks, food and what not. If you don't have a friend with a warehouse membership, why not check out a party superstore?

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Why was AD 440 significant?

this was the year the church made up the birth of Jesus Christ December 25 to increase its membership (to bring pagans into the fold or at lest draw new bodies with money that like to party to the church , nothing has changed.)

Who made up the nazi party?

Adolf Hitler