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Q: Who made up the membership of the American party?
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The political party made up of antislavery Democrats Free-Soilers and Whigs was the?

The Republican Party.

How does somebody become a member of a political party?

The easiest way to join a political party in many countries is to go to that party's website - often, political parties will allow you to join from their website for a small fee (the same fee as joining the party through other means). If you can't join a party this way, the best thing to do is look up the telephone number of their local branch and call to ask how you can join the party.

Which Nativist party formed to keep immigrants out of the US had up to 500000 members at one point?

The American Party was a nativist party formed to keep immigrants out of the U.S. that had up to 500,000 members at one point. This group was part of the Know Nothing movement.

What type of people was the federalist party mostly made up of?

In the 1700’s the political system was comprised of the wealthy educated and businessmen of the colonies. So, the Federalist Party was made up of these rich white men. The 55 men who wrote the constitution were the richest Americans.

What were the 1st 2 political parties in American History?

The first organized party in America was made up of the followers of Jefferson, who, starting in the 1790s, called themselves Republicans (or Jeffersonian Democratic-Republicans). Hamilton and those who opposed Jefferson, kept the name Federalist. Jefferson's Republican Party has no ties to the current Republican Party. In fact, the current Democratic Party considerers Jefferson and Andrew Jackson as the founders of their party.

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What group made up most of the membership of the Dixiecrats?

The Southern Democrats made up most of the membership of the Dixiecrats.

Who founded the American party?

George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967)

How did people join the nazi party?

They filled up an application form and were interviewed (or recommended for membership).

Who founded the AFL and who made up its membership?

Samuel Gompers

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The Tory party in Britain was made up primarily of?

The Tory party in Britain was made up primarily of men who opposed the Whig party and were supportive of a strong monarchy.

The party in the electorate is made up of people who?

Votes for a party's candidates

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Who made up the nazi party?

Adolf Hitler

How many members are currently in the American radio association?

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