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Community members made up the three classes in the Sumerian society.

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Q: Who made up the three classes in the Sumerian social hierarchy?
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What are the social classes in sumerian society and who was in each one?

The three social classes would be:the upper,middle,and lower classes upper classes included preists,kinds.landowners,merchants,and government officials. middle classes included all people who were free and the lower classes included Slaves.

Name the three main social classes of early china?

The three social classes in China under the Zhou dynasty are King, Nobles, and Peasants.

What were sumer's three social classes?

They were the Upper, Middle, and Lower.

What were the social classes in latin America?

Top WealthiestPeninsularesCreolesMestizosMulattosAfricans and indiansBottomRichestPeninsularesCreolesMestizosMulattosAfricans and indiansPoorestWealthiestPeninsularesCreolesMestizosMulattosAfricans and indiansUnwealthiest

What are three social classes in the Mayan society?

nobles preists and merchants

Social aspect in the Philippines during Spanish Period?

During the Spanish period in the Philippines, society was divided into classes based on racial origin, with the Spanish colonizers and their descendants at the top, followed by the native Filipinos, and then the Chinese and other ethnic groups. The social hierarchy was enforced through laws that restricted the rights and opportunities of the lower classes, leading to a stratified society with limited social mobility. The Catholic Church played a significant role in shaping social norms and values, influencing everything from education to family structure.

What were the social groups of the aryan people who entered India?

When the Aryans first entered India, they were divided in three social classes, the warriors, the priests and the common people.

Who made up the three social classes?

The concept of three social classes (upper, middle, and lower) has evolved over time and is found in different societies. These classifications generally stem from economic and social distinctions based on wealth, occupation, and education. The specific origins or individuals who first categorized society into these classes are not definitively known.

How was the social security structure under France's ancien regime?

France was divided into one of three social classes or estates

What are the three social classes during the pre-spanish era?

During the pre-Spanish era in the Philippines, the social classes were the Maharlika (nobility and warrior class), the Timawa (freemen and skilled laborers), and the Alipin (commoners and slaves/serfs).

What were the three social classes living on a manor?

There were far more than three jobs to do at a manor! Are you referring to the Three Estates? This was a concept that divided people into three groups: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners. They can also be described as those who pray, those who fight, and those who work.

What three social classes did the laws of the Indies setup?

The height job in government, mine, and farm.