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Community members made up the three classes in the Sumerian society.

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Q: Who made up the three classes in the Sumerian social hierarchy?
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What are the social classes in sumerian society and who was in each one?

The three social classes would be:the upper,middle,and lower classes upper classes included preists,kinds.landowners,merchants,and government officials. middle classes included all people who were free and the lower classes included Slaves.

What are the three social classes during the pre-spanish era?

social classes of pre spanish period

What is estate satire?

Ridiculing the three social classes.

What was assyrian social classes?

The Assyrians are known to create the first civilized and organized cities that also segregated the different tribes. The Assyrians because of their many victories against their opponents inherited wealth and prosperity for ages. The royal family was extremely large since their ancestors trace back over 2000b.c. Even the middle class was traced to be much more wealthier than any other empires nearby which were some of the wealthiest in their time. Poverty was not an issue for them. However, the Assyrians were very particular that every citizen had to obey the laws of Mesopotamia and live respectfully together while the powerful empire fought wars with their unbreakable chariots. If a citizen did not pay their taxes or did not follow the laws they would be enslaved.

What were sumer's three social classes?

They were the Upper, Middle, and Lower.

Name the three main social classes of early china?

The three social classes in China under the Zhou dynasty are King, Nobles, and Peasants.

Social aspect in the Philippines during Spanish Period?

During the Spanish period there were three social classes in the Philippines. The classes were Principalia, Ilutrado, and the Masses.

What are three social classes in the Mayan society?

nobles preists and merchants

The three social and occupational classes in ancient Iran were?

the head towelhead rules all he humps all there women and they pay him fear of there familys lives

What were the social groups of the aryan people who entered India?

When the Aryans first entered India, they were divided in three social classes, the warriors, the priests and the common people.