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its the serfs lol or not

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Q: Who mends the lords clothes in medieval times?
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Were medieval lords happy?

Just like people in othe times and places, medieval lords were happy and some times and unhappy at others.

How did laymen behave in medieval times?

Laymen did what their Lords told them.

What were church officials called in the medieval times?

they where called lords

Where they did they get there materials in medievals in Medieval Times?

In medieval times the lords and kings of the lands acquired there materials from merchants, trade ships and caravans.

Who was below the king in Medieval Times feudal system?

Lords and Ladies

What services were paid as tax in medieval times?

Military service to feudal lords or kings during medieval period.

What did a hunter wear in medieval times?


What clothes do medieval times butcher wear?


What did musicians wear in medieval times?

They wore clothes

What clothes would people wear in castles?

in medieval times they would wear...... clothes

What is the homonym night?

KnightKings, queens, knights, lords, nobles, etc. were part of the medieval times.

What jobs did lords have in medieval times?

In medieval times, lords held positions of power and authority over their feudal lands. Their main responsibilities included governing the land, managing serfs and peasants, overseeing the legal system, and providing military support to the king in times of war. Additionally, lords were expected to maintain the local economy and ensure the well-being of their subjects.