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While there were many people that were responsible for writing the U.S. Constitution, Governor Morris was the individual that put the final version of the document into proper wording. Many credit Governor Morris for being the Father of the Preamble as they say he wrote the entirety of this section of the document.

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Forty-two delegates or ask the question"Who signed the Constitution?"

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How was the final form of the Constitution decided

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Governor Morris

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Q: Who put the final version of the Constitution into proper wording?
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Who was in charge of the final wording when the constitution was written?

Jefferson submitted it to the House of Burgess, so the House of Burgess gave the final approval.I'm a maniac nerd and i suck!

When was the constition published?

The Constitution of the United States was ratified on September 17, 1787, and the final version was published shortly thereafter.

How much words were in the final constitution?

Do you mean "how MANY words were in the final constitution"?

Final interpreters of the constitution?

According to the US Constitution itself, the United States Supreme Court is the final interpreter of the Constitution. The Court's decisions are final and are seldom changed.

What was the first appointed position that Gouverneur Morris had under the new Constitution?

The first appointed position that Gouverneur Morris had under the new Constitution was as the chairman of the Committee on Style. This committee was responsible for finalizing and polishing the language of the Constitution before it was sent to Congress for approval. Morris played a significant role in shaping the final wording of the Constitution.

Who sorts out disputes about the constitution?

The United States Supreme Court has the final say. If the President, Congress or citizens on the US do not like the Court's interpretation of some particular wording , they will have to amend the Constitution to change the wording in such a way that it would be interpreted the way they would like it to be. Of course, the Supreme Court always has the ability to, at a later time, overrule such a decision, but that is simply confirming the fact that thet Supreme Court has the final say and can even change its mind.

What final step constructing a briefing?

The final step when constructing a brief involves summarizing the findings.

What is meant by the phrase 'final version'?

The phrase "final version" simply means that a product or software has released its final version of its line. Usually, it means that it will be the last and there will be no improvements or changes made to it.

Final clause in section 8 of the constitution?

The final clause in Section 8 of the Constitution is known as the Necessary and Proper Clause, or the Elastic Clause. It grants Congress the power to make all laws necessary and proper for carrying out its enumerated powers. This clause has been the basis for the expansion of federal powers over time and has been used to justify various laws and actions by the federal government.

Final form of the constitution?


Who helped to write the constitution?

Gouverneur Morris. He penned the final version, as one of the members of the Constitutional Convention's Committee on Style. Alexander Hamilton, another member of the Committee, wrote the names of the states in front of the signatures of the delegates.

When was the constitution singned?

The final signatory to the US Constitution was June 21st 1788.