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In 1992 George H. W. Bush ran for the Republicans and lost, H. Ross Perot ran as an Independent and lost. Bill Clinton (William J. Clinton) won the election.

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Democrat - Barack Obama

Republican - John McCain

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Senator John McCain was the losing Republican candidate in 2008. There were also some minor party candidates who lost as well.

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Q: Who ran for president and lost in 1992?
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When did Ronald Reagan run for president but lost?

He never ran for President and lost. He did run for the Republican nomination twice without prevailing -- 1968 and 1976.

What future president ran for Vice-president and lost?

Dick Chaney ran for Vice President and who is also our Vice President today.

Who were the candidate for president in 1992?

In 1992 the incumbent president George H. W. Bush ran against Bill Clinton.

Why was Ross Perot important?

In 1992,Ross Perot ran for president but he lost the election to Bill Clinton.

What year was Alan Garcia Perez president?

He was first elected president in 1985. He ran for president in 2001, but lost to Alejandro Toledo. In 2006 he ran for president again, and was elected president.

How many times did Bill Clinton run for president?

Bush ran Twice. First in 2000 and then in 2004. He won both times.

How many years has John McCain been trying to win as president?

John McCain ran for president twice. He first ran in 2000 and then again in 2008.

Did Joe Walsh run for vice president?

yes he did in 1992 but, im not sure who he ran with

How many times did Teddy Roosevelt run for office?

He ran for president and won in 1904, then ran again and lost in 1912.

What life did Abraham Lincoln have before he became president?

He lived in a log cabin and was a farm boy. He actually ran for president the first time and lost but then he ran again and won.

Who ran for president 5 times and lost?

This is a guess, probing my "ancient history" files, but it might have been a man named Harold Stassen, who ran for president multiple times.

Which Democrat ran for president after Carter?

Walter Mondale lost in a landslide to Reagan in 84.