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He lived in a log cabin and was a farm boy. He actually ran for president the first time and lost but then he ran again and won.

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Q: What life did Abraham Lincoln have before he became president?
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Was Abraham Lincoln a cobbler?

Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer before he became president.

What can be said about the qualifications of Abraham Lincoln to be the US President?

Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer who became a state legislator, then a Congressman before he became President.

What was Abraham Lincoln's profession while he became president?

Lincoln was a successful lawyer in the years just before he became President.

Who was the President of the United States before Andrew Johnson?

Before Johnson was Abraham Lincoln. Johnson was Lincoln's vice-president.

Was Abraham Lincoln a poet before he became president?

Wean he was born

Did Abraham Lincoln become a lawyer before he became president?

Yup!! He sure did.

Who participated with the president Abraham Lincoln in a series of important political debates before he became president?

Stephen A. Douglas

What governmental positions did Lincoln serve?

Abraham Lincoln was in the Illinois General Assembly and one term in Congress before he became a president.

Before Abraham Lincoln became president he participated in a series of important political debates with who?

Stephen A. Douglas.

Before Abraham Lincoln became president did he have any children?

Abraham Lincoln had all 4 of his children, before becoming President. (Robert born in 1843, Eddy born in 1846, and Willie born in 1850, and Tad born in 1853.) Eddy had died in 1850, before Lincoln was elected President in 1860.

Who was in power before Abraham Lincoln took over?

The President before Abraham Lincoln was James Buchanan.

Did James K. Polk serve as president of the us before Abraham Lincoln?

Polk was president before Lincoln