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Q: Who repealed the Missouri compromise?
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Who did the Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed with?

Missouri Compromise

The Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed the?

Type your answer here... Missouri Compromise

What was repealed in the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

The Missouri Compromise was repealed in the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which says that all states/territories above the 36 degrees 30 minutes latitude line were free states.

The sectional agreement of 1820 repealed by the kansas nebraska act?

Missouri Compromise

True or False The Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed The Missouri Compromise?


Repealed the Missouri compromise by instituting popular sovereignty?

Kansas-Nebraska Act

In what direction did the Missouri Compromise ban slavery from its borders?

West of its border. this was later repealed

What act in essence repealed the Missouri Compromise by allowing popular sovereignty in territories that had been legally closed to slavery?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 essentially repealed the Missouri Compromise (1820) by allowing new states to determine whether slavery would be allowed there or not.

When was the Missouri Compromise created?

The Missouri Compromise was created on March 19, 1820. It was an attempt to retain the balance of power between the northern and southern states. It was repealed by the Kansas Nebraska Act.

Why did the Northerners protest Douglas plan to repealed The Missouri Compromise?

Northerners protest Douglas's plan to repeal the Missouri Compromise because they wanted slavery to stop and the leaders of the south rejected the plan, they spit upon every plan to the compromise.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed parts of which previous decision?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and the Compromise of 1850, specifically the provision that prohibited slavery in territories north of the 36°30’ parallel. Instead, the Act allowed for the potential expansion of slavery into those territories based on popular sovereignty.

The kansas-nebraska act repealed?

It repealed the Missouri Compromise arrangement, and replaced it with 'Popular Sovereignty' - i.e. getting each new state to vote whether to be slave or free.