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attorney general

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Q: Who represents a state in court?
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Who represents the state Illinois in court?

the Attorney General

Who represents the state in court?

the Attorney General

Describe the parallel structures of the federal branches of government with the Arizona State Government?

At the federal level, the President and his cabinet represent the Executive Branch, Congress represents the Legislative Branch, and the Supreme Court represents the Judicial Branch. At the state level in Arizona, these roles are carried out by the Governor, Arizona State Legislature, and the Arizona Supreme Court, respectively.

Whose job is it to offer legal representaion for a state?

The state Attorney General usually represents a state in court and provides legal representation. This is done through his or her assistant attorneys general.

Can you change a public defender to a state appointed attorney?

public defender is someone who represents the court a state appointed attorney is someone who the court will appoint to the accused to represent them in court I would double check this as I am from Scotland and we have a different legal system and its a solicitor over here not an attorney

Who represents Gujarat state in Parliament?

Steve Hedworks represents Gujarat state in Parliament.

In criminal court which side represents the government?

The prosecution represents the government's interest in a criminal proceeding.

Can they seize your property in a different state from were the judgment was made?

For a state court judgment, no.For a state court judgment, no.For a state court judgment, no.For a state court judgment, no.

Who represents the government a court martial?

trial counsel

What can be done to an attorney's firm that represents one person in a custody case and then later represents another person against the first in a different custody case?

File a complaint with the State Supreme Court, not the bar association, which is just an attorneys club.

What area of the state does the senator represent?

Each U. S. Senator represents his/her whole state.

The differnece between governor and a senator?

a governor represents the state , a senator represents the state in washington, d.c.