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John C. Calhoun.

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Q: Who resigned as Jackson's vice president?
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Who replaced Spiro T. Agnew?

After Vice President Agnew resigned, he was replaced by Vice President (former Speaker of the House) Gerald Ford, who then became president after Richard Nixon resigned.

Which president is the only president not-elected to the presidency or vice-presidency?

Gerald R. Ford is the one. He was appointed vice-president when the elected vice-president Spiro Agnew resigned and became president when President Richard Nixon resigned.

Who was the president who was not elected?

Gerald Ford was the only vice-president not elected. He was appointed VP when when the elected VP Agnew resigned resigned.

Who was president that was neither elected as president or vice president?

Gerald Ford was the only president of the United States who was not elected president or vice president. He took over as vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned and served as vice president under Richard Nixon. When Nixon later resigned, he became the president.

What president wasn't elected to the office of president or vice president?

Gerald Ford was never elected President nor vice-president. He was appointed vice-president when Spiro Agnew resigned and became President when Richard Nixon resigned. He did run for President in 1976 but lost to Jimmy Carter.

What president's vice-president resigned one month before he did?

none The only U.S. President who resigned was Richard Nixon, on August 9, 1974. His first Vice President, Spiro Agnew, resigned ten months earlier, on October 10, 1973.

What president was never elected vice president or president in a national election?

Gerald Ford holds that distinction. He became Vice-president after the elected Vice-president, Agnew, resigned and then became president when President Nixon resigned. He later ran for a term of his own but lost the election to Carter.

Which vice president became president in 1974 when the acting president resigned?

Gerald ford

What vice- president was never elected to office?

Gerald Ford was appointed vice-president when Agnew resigned his office.

How did Gerald Ford become president?

Gerald Ford became president because he was vice-president when President Richard Nixon resigned that office. Interestingly, he was not elected vice-president but was appointed to this position after Spiro Agnew resigned.

Who was the president who din't win president or vice president?

You must mean Gerald Ford. He became vice president after Spiro Agnew resigned, became president after Richard Nixon resigned, and lost the general election to Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Was a special presidential election was held in 1974 after Nixon resigned?

No. If a president resigns, the vice-president is sworn in as President, just as if the President had died. When Nixon resigned in 1974, the vice-president, Gerald Ford became President. Ford nominated Nelson Rockefeller to be vice-president and the nomination was quickly confirmed by Congress.