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Q: Who resigned his office before his term expired?
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How many US vice presidents have not completed the full term of office?

Ten- eight moved up to President when the president died or resigned; one died in office and one resigned before completing his term.

Which president resigned and left the office before fullfuilling his entire second term?

Richard Nixon

Was Richard Nixon the third president to be forced to leave office before the end of his term?

No, he was the first president to be impeached or forced to leave his office before hie term was up

Who was the only US president of the 20th century to quit before his term of office was finished?

Richard Nixon. He resigned because of the Watergate Scandal.

Did Sarah palin serve a full term as governor?

No, Sarah Palin did not serve a full term as governor of Alaska. She resigned from office on July 26, 2009, just over two and a half years into her first term, to focus on other political opportunities.

What is the term of office for representatives in the What is the term of office for representatives in the Roman Republic?

There were no 'representatives' in today's sense of the political term. There was a senate to which were appointed ex-consuls and ex-tribunes of the plebs after their term of office had expired.

Which president held office before carter?

Gerald Ford who finished Richard Nixons second term after Nixon resigned.

Did any president never see his term in office out?

Nixon resigned because of the watergate scandal.

Why did John Tyler's Presidency end?

His term of office expired and he was nominated for re-election.

Did Nelson Rockefeller resigned the office of Vice President of the US?

No- Rockefeller , who was appointed to replace Ford, who became President when Nixon resigned, served out the rest of Ford's term.

How did andrew johnson leave the office?

Andrew Johnson was not removed from office. The senate vote fell one short of the 2/3 requirement for removal. Richard Nixon was the only President to leave his office before his term expired for any reason other than death . Nixon resigned voluntarily rather than face impeachment proceedings.

Besides Agnew which Vice President resigned in office?

John C. Calhoun, who was Andrew Jackson's Vice President in 1828, resigned three months before the end of his term, on December 28, 1832. Calhoun did so to accept an appointment as a US Senator from South Carolina.