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Galileo Galilei

Get those oodles!!

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Q: Who said I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him?
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What arguments were used against direct election of the president?

Some delegates did not trust the citizens judgement, Roger SHerman stated, citizens "will never be sufficiently informed", implying that citizens are ignorant towards politics.

Europe was slow to learn about the people in the new world because?

Very few Europeans travelled outside of Europe, and those who did were unlikely to write books about it. The books that were written all had to be copied by hand because there were no printing presses.

Is there anything bad about Mike Huckabee?

YES YES YES YES YES !!!!!! Mike's son and a friend when they were 17 and 18 in boy scouts found a stray dog and murdered it. they hung it with rope in a tree, slit it's throat and stoned it to death. Also Huckabee created a non-profit organization called action America in attempt to raise his anual sallary from about 27,964$ to 67,876$. the money donated to this organizatio was given by Hilary haters. When asked he refused to give names. Do we really want someone who has raised their kids in such a matter as to torture animals? I don't!!!! - this info was found in the New York Times Aconsiderably trustworthy site/paper A DIFFERENT PERSON WROTE THE BELOW! I'm sure that every person has done something in the past that they have to carry on for the rest of their lives. I know that I have done some things that I'm not very proud of and no one is so perfect that they haven't done something wrong! NO ONE can live a perfect life and I'm sure that we've all messed something up, but it's those mistakes that we learn from and that why I'm actually happy when I make mistakes! P.S. organizatio isn't a word Another person... Mistakes are what make us better humans. We learn from them and if we never made mistakes, we'd never learn! I think the dog killing story is a little far-fetched. THE PERSON THAT WROTE THE 2nd PHRASE WROTE THE BELOW I completely concor and conclude the above statment!!! EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT!!!

A 'spinser' is a woman who has never?

if you mean spinster, a woman who never married

What is the meaning of the quote there never was a good war or a bad peace?

It means that there is never a good reason for war and there is never anything wrong with peace.

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What does Jack promise about next time?

Jack promises to do better next time and learn from his mistakes.

What is something I should learn in my life?

Something to learn in life is to never ever give up and you don't let anyone tear you and your dreams down

Who said I have never met anyone I couldn't teach something to or learn something from?

It was your cousin Frankie, wasn't it?

How could the sinking of the lustitania be avoided?

If they never built it, it couldnt have been sunk

Why do some people deny that the extermination of the Jewish people never happened?

Because they're ignorant and fail to accept the fact that something as horrible as that has actually happened.

What do the doors of wisdom are never shut mean?

i'm pretty sure it means either that you can learn from every experience or that you can always learn something new/ you can always learn.

Whatpresident said if a country expect to be ignorant and free it expect what never was and what never will be?

Thomas Jefferson.

What president said if a country expects to be ignorant and free it expects what never was and what never will be?

Thomas Jefferson

I have never met a man so ignorant that I couldn't learn something from him?

Remaining open-minded and willing to learn from everyone, regardless of their background or knowledge, is a powerful mindset. Each person has unique experiences and insights that can offer valuable perspectives and lessons. Embracing diversity in learning opportunities can broaden your understanding and growth as an individual.

Why does Bruce springsteen never play Scotland?

Coz he is an ignorant tosser!

What is the meaning behind always a lesson never a failure?

it means every mistake you make is never a setback its just something to learn from

How smart is Horse?

They are very smart, they have a short attention span, but once they learn something they never forget.