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YES YES YES YES YES !!!!!! Mike's son and a friend when they were 17 and 18 in boy scouts found a stray dog and murdered it. they hung it with rope in a tree, slit it's throat and stoned it to death. Also Huckabee created a non-profit organization called action America in attempt to raise his anual sallary from about 27,964$ to 67,876$. the money donated to this organizatio was given by Hilary haters. When asked he refused to give names.

Do we really want someone who has raised their kids in such a matter as to torture animals? I don't!!!!

- this info was found in the New York Times Aconsiderably trustworthy site/paper


I'm sure that every person has done something in the past that they have to carry on for the rest of their lives. I know that I have done some things that I'm not very proud of and no one is so perfect that they haven't done something wrong! NO ONE can live a perfect life and I'm sure that we've all messed something up, but it's those mistakes that we learn from and that why I'm actually happy when I make mistakes!

P.S. organizatio isn't a word

Another person...

Mistakes are what make us better humans. We learn from them and if we never made mistakes, we'd never learn! I think the dog killing story is a little far-fetched.


I completely concor and conclude the above statment!!! EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT!!!

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Q: Is there anything bad about Mike Huckabee?
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