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William was the slave that Washington freed in his will and left an annuity to.

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Q: Who served as a personal aide to general Washington?
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Who was General Washington's aide?

General George Washington's aide de camp or personal assistant was Tench Tilghman.

Aide to general Washington?

hamilton was the aide to general washington

French military aide during American Revolution?

Lafayette served as Washington's Chief of Staff and Inspector General.

Who was Washington's aide?

General Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette.Lafayette.John Laurens was aide-de-camp to General George Washington.

Was General Henry Clinton top aide to George Washington?

No. He was a British general.

Did George Washington serve as English General Braddock's aide?

yes he did!

Who was General Braddock's aide in French and Indian War?

George Washington.

Military aide of British General Braddock and defender of the frontier?

George Washington was military aide of British General Braddock. He was also a defender of the frontier in the Americas.

Military aide of British General Braddock and defender of the frontier after Braddock's defeat?

George Washington

What were George Washington Leadership experiences?

He was a lieutenant aide for a British general during the French and Indian War.

Military aide of british general braddock and defender of the fromtier after braddocks defeat?

Colonel George Washington

Who was the Frenchman that was an aide to general Washington and helped the colonists win the revolutionary war?

Marquis De Lafeyatte