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people thought the declaration was very important to our earth and stated it was one of the most important documents in the united states history gdfdhgdvcx
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List of signers

Fifty-six delegates eventually signed the Declaration:

President of Congress 1. John Hancock (Massachusetts)

New Hampshire 2. Josiah Bartlett 3. William Whipple 4. Matthew Thornton

Massachusetts 5. Samuel Adams 6. John Adams 7. Robert Treat Paine 8. Elbridge Gerry

Rhode Island 9. Stephen Hopkins 10. William Ellery

Connecticut 11. Roger Sherman 12. Samuel Huntington 13. William Williams 14. Oliver Wolcott

New York 15. William Floyd 16. Philip Livingston 17. Francis Lewis 18. Lewis Morris

New Jersey 19. Richard Stockton 20. John Witherspoon 21. Francis Hopkinson 22. John Hart 23. Abraham Clark

Pennsylvania 24. Robert Morris 25. Benjamin Rush 26. Benjamin Franklin 27. John Morton 28. George Clymer 29. James Smith 30. George Taylor 31. James Wilson 32. George Ross

Delaware 33. George Read 34. Caesar Rodney 35. Thomas McKean

Maryland 36. Samuel Chase 37. William Paca 38. Thomas Stone 39. Charles Carroll of Carrollton

Virginia 40. George Wythe 41. Richard Henry Lee 42. Thomas Jefferson 43. Benjamin Harrison 44. Thomas Nelson, Jr. 45. Francis Lightfoot Lee 46. Carter Braxton

North Carolina 47. William Hooper 48. Joseph Hewes 49. John Penn

South Carolina 50. Edward Rutledge 51. Thomas Heyward, Jr. 52. Thomas Lynch, Jr. 53. Arthur Middleton

Georgia 54. Button Gwinnett 55. Lyman Hall 56. George Walton

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The first signer was John Hancock. Many copies of the Declaration were distributed with only Hancock's signature. Later, it was signed (over the course of a month or more) by dozens of delegates. See the link for all of the signers.

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John Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.

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a lot of people

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Q: Who signed the declaration of indepenence first?
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Where was the declaration of indepenence written and signed?

Philadelphia, PA

Was the Declaration of Indepenence signed before or after the start of the Revolutionary War?


Who is the author of the declaration of indepenence?

Thomas Jefferson

Where can you see the original declaration of indepenence?

nation achives

Which futuer president was the author of the Declaration of Indepenence?

thomas Jefferson

What is the first truth mentioned in the declaration of indepenence?

creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Did anyone die as a result of signing the declaration of indepenence?

Yes, many did every day

Was the treaty of Paris signed first than the declaration of independence?

The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, and the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783

Who signed the declaration of independence and formed Americas first government?

Thomas Jefferson wrote and signed the Declaration of Independece.

What rights do all people have according to the Declaration of Indepenence?

the rights of the people to alter or to abolish their government.

Did John Adams sign both the declaration of independence and the constitution?

No. John Quincy Adams turned 9 the summer the Declaration of Independence was signed. His father John Adams who served as the second President of the United States of America signed the Declaration of Independence along with his cousin Samuel Adams. In all 56 signatures appear on the document.

What was signed first constitution or declaration of independence?

Declaration of Independence was signed July 4th 1776 ( this is why we have 4th of July) Constitution 1789