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The amount of money that a president makes is set by Congress. The president's paycheck is processed and comes from the US Treasury.

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The treasurer of the united states.

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Q: Who signs the president's paycheck?
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Who signs the presidents check?

The United States Constitution approves the president's paycheck. The United States Secretary of Treasury Tim Gietner is guessed to actually sign the check.

Can the presidents paycheck be increased?

no (barrack obama pwns)

Who signs a set designer's paycheck?

Their employer or the employers representative

Do presidents get stuff for free?

No they get it taken out of their paycheck, the only thing free is them living in the White House

Who signs money money money to the left?

Presidents do!

What astrological sign has the most us presidents?

Zodiac Sun Signs of Scorpio and Aquarius; each with 5 US. Presidents. Least favorite are the Zodiac Sun signs of Aries, Gemini, and Virgo; each with only 2 US. Presidents.

Do former presidents receive a paycheck for being presidet?

They Recieve a Retirement package as well as Secret service Agents at there disposal.

What US presidents have accepted their salary?

All of them have taken it,although JFk was reported to have donated his to charity and George Washington at first refused his paycheck.

Who usually signs a treaty?

Ambassadors usually do. Or Presidents/Prime Ministers ~Repliku

When the president signs a bill it becomes a law?

A bill does become a law when a president signs it, but a bill can also become a law without the presidents signature.

Where can one find cash now signs displayed?

"Cash Now" signs could potentially be spotted at locations such as Payday Loan establishments, Paycheck Cashing service centers and even Automated Teller machines.

Who signs President Obamas paycheck?

He is paid by the US treasury. I would guess the US treasurer's stamped signature appears on it. It is quite likely that his checks are deposited electronically into his account.