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Q: Who suggested that the colonial troops use bow and arrows in the revolutionary war?
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How many colonial troops were there in the Revolutionary War?

380000 troops were involved in the revolutionary war

What key battles did colonial troops win in the revolutionary war?

concord saratoga yorktown

Colonial troops in the Revolutionary era enjoyed a geographic advantage over the British because?

The distance from Great Britain made it difficult for the British to replace troops.

What man did General Washington make the Chief Inspector of the Colonial troops?

George Washington named Baron von Steuben as his chief inspector of colonial troops during the American Revolutionary War. He was recommended to him by Benjamin Franklin.

What impact the French joining the American side had on the Revolutionary War?

they help the America's by sending their troops over to the america's Their primary contribution was the availability of the French Navy to assist. The surrender at Yorktown was a combination of Colonial troops and the French Navy.

What battle did American soldiers lose in the revolutionary war?

They lost most of them, but a big one was the Battle of New York. It was so bad that colonial troops threw down their guns and ran.

What are the release dates for French Colonial Troops - 1918?

French Colonial Troops - 1918 was released on: USA: 6 October 1918

What colony did revolutionary war fighting begin in 1775?

Colonial minutemen and British troops clashed at Lexington, followed by open battle at Concord later in the day.

What troops were stationed in colonial homes?


How many American troops in revolutionary war?


What did women do to support the troops in the Revolutionary War?

They openedbusinesses and markets to support the revolutionary warbtw Derpy Rocks

Where British began stationing regular British troops at the center of colonial resistance?

did the British began stationing regular British troops at the center of colonial resistance: Philadelphia