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Q: Who took the Clermont 150 miles up the Hudson river?
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What are the most famous canals in the UK?

The Barton Aqueduct which took the canal over the River Irwin.

British march on concord?

It took about 7 miles to get from Lexington to Concord.

What did Louis Jolliet accomplish?

Louis Jolliet, the French-Canadian explorer, went through Lake Michigan to Green Bay, then followed the Fox River, through marshes, to the Wisconsin River. From the point of the later settlement of Portage, he continued exploring until he entered the Mississippi River near Prairie du Chien, meaning Jolliet was the first to explore and map the Mississippi River for Europe (obviously Native Americans had "discovered" the river previous to him). After mapping several hundred miles, Jolliet stopped within 500 miles of the Gulf of Mexico, where he turned back at the mouth of the Arkansas River. They followed the Mississippi back north and learned from local natives of the Illinois River, which was a shorter route back to the Great Lakes. He had turned back for fear of meeting other (Spanish in particular) European explorers.

On July 4 1863 general Ulysses S. Grant defeated the confederate army at Vicksburg Mississippi and the union took control of this city why was this an important victory for the union?

Vicksburg and Port Hudson, two fortified ports on the Mississippi River, were important during the Civil War for their strategic location. Should the Union be able to take these Confederate strongholds, they would finally command the Mississippi River in its entirety. So long as these strongholds remained in Confederate hands, the South would remain unified and defiant of the Northern attempt to break it in two.

How did George Washington and other English colonists start a European war?

They tried to drive the French out of the Ohio river valley (APEX)

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What river did the dutch take control of?

The Dutch took control of the Hudson River, establishing the colony of New Netherland in the early 17th century. This colony later became part of what is now known as New York.

How long did it take Henry Hudson to sail to the Hudson river and back with his ship the Half Moon?

It took him almost from 1609 to 1628 was about the time.

What was soap made out of in 1775 after the british owned new netherland when the duke of york came to new netherland and took over the 18 miles of land surrounding the Hudson river.?

Soap is made of animal or vegie fat.

What did the Union manage to do with the fall of Vicksburg and Port Hudson?

By the Union capturing Vicksburg and Port Hudson they took complete control over Mississippi river.

How long did Henry Hudson take from London to Hudson bay?

it took Henry Hudson 8 months to get from London to Hudson bay it was a long and hard journey

What is Beverwijck?

Beverwijck was a fur-trading community north of Fort Orange on the Hudson River in New Netherland that was to become Albany, New York, when the English took control of the colony in 1664.

What did Henry Hudson take with him on the expedition?

He took his son with him.

How would you describe the battle of saratoga?

The Battle of Saratoga took place in 1777 and was started in an attempt by the British to gain control of the Hudson River during the Revolutionary War. The battle was won by the Americans.

Map of where the Red River Rebellion 1869-1870 took place?

The Red River Settlement itself was centred at the confluence of the Red River and the Assiniboine River. The main focal point was at Upper Fort Garry, a Hudson's Bay Company post. This is now in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. The area is now a tourist destination called 'The Forks.' Settlers also spread along the banks of both rivers for several miles, on long and narrow farms of approximately 400 feet water frontage by a mile or so in depth. The population around 1870 was approximately 11,000. Most events in the Rebellion happened in the Settlement itself, but some events took place as far away as Pembina, south of the Settlement at the US border, and Portage la Prairie, about 50 miles to the West. It must also be said that some of the events took place hundreds of miles away, in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada. Google 'map' plus 'red river settlement' and see what comes up.

What did Henry Hudson set out to do?

Henry Hudson always wanted to sail the ocean and become a sailor as a child. When he grew up he became a navigator and an explorer.

How far did Jesus travel from Nazareth to the Jordan river?

The distance from Nazareth to the Jordan River is approximately 60 miles. It is believed that Jesus traveled this distance to be baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River.

Was the route Henry Hudson took difficult?

He did not find the Northwest Passage.