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Government agencies.

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Q: Who usually implements government polices?
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Who usually implements government policies?

government agencies

Who implements the law in the separation of power?

The Executive Branch of government implements the laws passed by the Legislative Branch.

Are there polices on the use of abbreviations?

For the United States the Government Printing Office (GPO) sets the standard and polices for how abbreviations are used in all government documents. Many businesses and universities adopt these standards for use in their own publications and documents. These polices can be found in their document called "U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE STYLE MANUAL", and this can be found on the GPO website.

What word do we use for the institution created by society to create and enforce public polices?


Which branch of government Executes or implements laws?

executive or administrative

Who Which government polices pursues the economic goal of equity?

protecting consumers from fraud

Identify the three branches of government and the role of each of them?

The three branches of government are executive, legislative and judiciary. The executive formulates government polices, the legislative makes and the judiciary interprets the constitution.

What is the principle of personal polices?

personal polices are the principle

Definition of policy?

Policy is a plan of action that government has put in place. Polices can establish agencies that ensure the policies are followed.

When the government implements programs such as progressive income tax rates what is likely to occur?

When the government inplement programs such as progressive income tax rates what ocurr.

What are the differences between state and federal executive branches of government?

legislative makes laws whereas executive implements it

Where did the word government come from?

Government comes from the Greek word for contol (govern) and the latin word for mind (ment) put the two together and you have exactly what the government implements on 85% of the population (MINDCONTROL).