Who votes bills?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the president

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Q: Who votes bills?
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Ways the house votes on bills?

For, against or abstain

What is the title of the person who counts the votes on bills advising the floor leader of the number of votes they have?

minority leader

Who votes on new bills to create laws in the US?


How many votes are needed to pass budget bills in the US Senate?

A simple majority ( 51 votes if all vote) will pass any bill in the Senate. (Please note that all tax bills must originate in the House.)

What federal bills were passed with one party casting all dissenting votes?

Obama Care

Which part of the legeslative branch votes on bills?

Both houses of Congress vote on bills. The Senate and House must pass a bill in order for it to become a law.

How did political machines such as Tammany Hall work with and for immigrants?

They promised bills and laws in favor of immigrants in exchange for votes.

Are votes in congress secret?

Absolutely not. Records are meticulously taken when bills are debated, and anyone can see how their Congressman/Senator voted on any issue. Congressional votes are a matter of public record. --Charlie G.

Why do incumbents have problems in reelections campaigns?

The more votes they have cast, the more they can be used against them. Votes for bills may harm the incumbent's reputation. Often bills contain provisions apart from the main section which may not be in the public's best interest. However, due to the nature of politics, certain provisions may be needed in order to get the bill passed. Further votes against bills can also be used as it is unclear what part of the bill the politician is voting against. All hopeful politicians will attack the incumbent in hopes of unseating the incumbent.

How does the house speed up the lawmaking process?

The house can speed up the lawmaking process by taking the time to hear bills, and vote on them. Some bills simply die out because the house never votes on them.

What logrolling have to do with passing a bill?

Logrolling in the context of passing a bill involves the practice of trading votes between legislators to ensure the bill's passage. This can involve legislators agreeing to support each other's bills in exchange for support on their own bills. Logrolling is often used to build coalitions and achieve enough votes to pass a bill.

Who controls federal taxes and spending?

The budget and bills dealing with money starts in the house. The annual budget is submitted by the president and congress votes on it.