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John Todd Stuart, Springfield, IL

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Q: Who was Abraham Lincoln's first law partner?
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William herndon was lincoln's third law partner Who was Lincoln's second law partner?

Abraham Lincoln's second law partner was Stephen T. Logan. His first -partner was John Todd Stuart and the third was William H. Herndon.

Who made huckleberry pie?

The person who made huckleberry pie was Abraham Lincolns mother in law who was related to her step sister Georgia

Was Abraham a good father?

He was because his law partner even thought so too.

What was Abraham job when he was in Springfield?

He was a Lawyer; he and a Partner, William Herndon, had their own Law Practice.

Was Abraham Lincoln a good father?

He was because his law partner even thought so too.

What company did Abraham Lincoln work for?

He worked with one partner in his own law firm. He took cases for a variety of companies.

What was William Herndon's association with Abraham Lincoln?

William Herndon was Abraham Lincoln's last Law Partner. ----------------- To omit confusion with names, middle names should be included such as Wiliam (Lewis) Herndon. Therefore, I present the following details: William Henry Herndon (b.December 25, 1818 - d.March 18, 1891) was President Abraham Lincoln's 3rd and last law partner.

Who said his ambition was a little engine that knew no rest?

William Herndon, law partner and friend of Abraham Lincoln said this of Lincoln.

What was Abraham lincolns education background?

He had approximately 18 months of formal schooling. Thus, he was - for the most part - self educated.

Who signed the first federal income tax law?

Abraham Lincoln signed the first Income Tax Law - 3% on incomes over $600.00

When did Abraham Law die?

Abraham Law died on 1885-02-14.

When was Abraham Law born?

Abraham Law was born on 1806-10-13.