Who was J Nichols?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a World War 1 medical personal who gained 5 medals and was killed in war in 1912.

James nichols was born in 1888.

He is also still alive, and one of the oldest archers in the UK, he won the national playing fields award for his dedication to the sport, and is the only living founder member of the North Wales Archery Society. which was started in 1951.

In World War 2 he was based in India as a medic, he saved quite a few lives, and was decorated, as part of A company 2nd Battalion The Black Watch. he was also in the battalion's athletics team. Born in 1927 in Harwarden, Flintshire.

His grandfather was also called James, who was the brother of John Nichols, who Moved to America.

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Q: Who was J Nichols?
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