Who was James Madsion?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Who was James Madsion?
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Who is the ''father of the constitutional''?

james madsion

Who is the father of the Constitutional Convention?

james madsion

James madsion was the what presdent?

no way seriously

What state did James madsion represent the philadelphia convention?


What year did James madsion become president?

1809 (March 4)

Did James madsion have a vice president?

The U. S. Vice Presidents under James Madison were George Clinton (March 1805 - April 1812) and Elbridge Gerry (March 1813 - November 1814).

What does your name mean madsion?

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Why did James madsion believe that a large diverse republic would be best for the common good?

James Madison believed that a large diverse republic would be the best for the common good because diverse interests could check one another.

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