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Richard Mentor Johnson was Martin Van Buren's Vice President, serving as the 9th Vice President of the United States from 1837 March 4 to 1841 March 4.

Richard M. Johnson was the Vice President under Martin Van Buren from March 4, 1837 to March 4, 1841.

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Q: Who was Martin Van Buren's Vice President?
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What was Martin van Burens job before becoming president?

he was a paper boy

What vice president was elected to be president after Martin van Buren?

Richard Johnson was Martin Van Buren's vice president.

Martin van burens name?

Martin Van Buren was his full name.

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Was Martin van Buren Andrew Johnson's vice president?

No, Martin Van Buren was Andrew Jackson's second vice president. Van Buren later became President himself.

Who was vice president when Martin van Buren was elected?

When he was elected in 1836, Martin Van Buren was the vice-president. After he took office as President in 1837, Richard M Johnson became his vice-president.

What was martin van burens ethnicity?

Van Buren was of Dutch ancestry.

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What kind of personality traits did Martin van Buren have?

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What was Martin van Burens hometown?

Kinderhook, New York