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Mark Antony married Cleopatra and later they both commited suicide.

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Mark Antony

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Q: Who was The Roman who married the queen of Egypt and later committed suicide?
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Who was the Roman Emperor who committed suicied in 68 ad?

The forced suicide of emperor Nero, in 68, was followed by a brief period of civil war (the first Romancivil war since Antony's death in 31 BC)

What was Boudicca famous for?

For being a British Celtic Warrior Queen --- Boudicca was a queen of the Iceni tribe in AD 61. She lead a revolt against the Romans after her husband died when they attempted to annex her territory. As punishment the Romans publicly flogged her and raped her daughters and called in loans that had been made by her husband. In reply Boudicca raised an army and marched toward Londinium (London). The Roman empire sent re-enforcements and eventually the revolt was put down at the battle of Wattling street. To prevent her capture Boudicca committed suicide.

Who is in control of Egypt today?

A number of empires or countries controlled Egypt over the centuries. Whole books have been written on this, and by asking about a specific period of history, a better, more specific answer might be discovered. The Roman Empire could easily be named as controlling Egypt at one point, just to cite one example.

What did people think of boudicca?

She was the Queen of Britons. Rome broke the treaty that was made by her husband and she, after her husband's death, led a revolt against the Romans in 60AD. In 62 AD she was defeated and commited suicide. Her name became a symbol of resistance to the Roman occupation.

What is the name of a large roman plantation?

roman plantations == latifundia

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The roman who married the queen of egypt and later committed suicide?

Mark Antony

Who committed suicide in 30 Bc in ancient Egypt got invaded?

Cleopatra and her Roman lover Mark Anthony

Who killed mark Antony and conquered Egypt?

Marc Antony killed himself. He committed suicide as it was an honorable way for a Roman to die. Octavian was the one who conquered Egypt and made it part of the Roman empire.

Who committed suicide contributing to the instability of the roman empire?


Who is the roman ruler who committed suicide in 68 AD?


Roman ruler who commited suicide in 68 A.D?

Roman emperor Nero committed suicide in 68 AD. Nero's last words were, "What an artist dies in me."

Who was the Egyptian Queen who committed suicide following the invasion of the Roman Empire?


How did Rome take over Egypt?

In the struggle for power after the death of Julius Caesar, Egypt's Queen Cleopatra had sided with Marc Anthony against his rival Octavian, the later Emperor Augustus. After defeating Marc Anthony and finding that Cleopatra had committed suicide, Augustus simply annexed Egypt as a Roman province.

Which queen of Egypt married a roman?

marc antony, the roman general, married cleopatra philopator VII

Who were Antony and Cleopatra?

Mark Anthony (Marcus Antonius) was a Roman general,grandnephew, and heir to Julius Caesar. After Caesar's assassination Antony,Octavian and Lepidus ruled the Roman Empire. They fell out and fought a civil war. Anthony lost and committed suicide. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, was his lover at the time and also had to commit suicide with the help of a poisonous snake.

What were the achievements of Cleopatra?

Cleopatra had married two men had a loyal son and she commited suicide to be with the one she loved. She ruled over Egypt in an important time period. She potected Egypt form a Roman Invation for a very long time. She ruled as a woman in a time of male kings. and she was very loyal to Egypt. Thanks for reading my answer!

Which three natural features that served as boundaries in ancient Egypt was most important to Egypt's history?

Egypt got taken over by roman soliders because cleopatra was a macedonian rule but she commited suicide the the roman's take over egypt