Who was Thomas bekket?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Thomas Beckett was born probably in 1118 in England to a family of the minor Norman nobility. He was educated in church schools and became a valued employee of Theobald de Bec, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who recommended him to King Henry II. King Henry appointed Becket to be Chancellor of England in 1155. King Henry II appointed Becket as Archbishop of Canterbury in 1162.

Becket resigned his post as Chancellor of England and devoted his energies to increasing the power of the church, which led to tension between him and the King. Becket was sent into exile and responded by excommunicating his political enemies.

After intervention by Pope Alexander II, Becket returned to England in 1170 but continued to irritate the King who is alleged to have lost his temper and shouted: "Who will rid me of this turbulent priest!" Four of his knights rode to Canterbury and killed Becket inside the cathedral on 29 December 1170.

Becket quickly became venerated as a holy martyr and was canonised by Pope Alexander III in 1173.

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Q: Who was Thomas bekket?
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