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George Washington was in charge of all of the troops; if you mean the Civil War, Robert. E. Lee commanded the Confederates, or the South.

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Q: Who was in Charge of the Troops in the South During the Revolutionary War?
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What city was placed under siege by British troops during the revolutionary war?

During the American Revolutionary War, the city of Charleston, South Carolina was under siege by British troops. The fighting lasted from March 29 to May 12, 1780.

What did francis Marion did?

He defeated large bodies of British troops along swampy terrain during the revolutionary war and became the 1st Governor of South Carolina

How did the south raise their troops during the war?

Military conscription.

What was the name of the militia leader in the south during the revolutionary war?

James Calhoun

The Americans were unable to defeat the British in the South during the Revolutionary War.?


What to put for letter k in revolutionary war book?

King Mountain, South Carolina was the scene of a major battle during the American Revolutionary War. King George III was King of Great Britain during the American Revolutionary War.

Was Britain in charge of south Africa during the apartheid?


Federal troops were withdrawn from the South during the administration of President?

Rutherford B. Hayes

How many south Veitnamese died during the Vietnam war?

60k troops dided

Who was in charge of the soldiers that went to My Lai?

American troops.

Who won the American Revolutionary War the North or the South?

The North won the CIVIL war, the revolutionary war was won by America, but having lost a huge amount of men and resources the French came to save them from Britain. At Yorktown 11,000 French troops re-enforced 5,500 American troops.

What were the main points of Jays treaty?

Impressment, Occupation of Forts by British troops, Native American rights, Compensations for 250 American ships seized by the British, The south wanted compensation for slaves relocated during the Revolutionary war. and the Northwest and Northeast boarders