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At 5 feet, 4 inches in height (163 cm) and 100 pounds (45 kg), Madison was the nation's shortest and lightest president.

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At 5' 4" James Madison was the shortest President of the United States.

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James Madison was the shortest. He was only 5'4"

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Q: Who was our nations shortest president?
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Who was the shortest president and who was the heaviest president?

Shortest was Madison; heaviest was Taft.

Was president Lincoln the shortest president?

No, he was actually the tallest. James Madison was the shortest

Who held the shortest time as president?

William Henry Harrison served as president for the shortest time?

Was Harry Truman the second shortest president?

Harry Truman is not the second shortest president. The second shortest president is Martin Van Buren who was 5 feet and 6 inches. Harry Truman is the 12th shortest president, at 5 feet and 9 inches.

Who was the second shortest president?

Martin Van Buren was the second shortest President measuring 5ft 6in.

Who was the shortest president in stature?

James Madison , who was 5 feet, 4 inches tall was our shortest President.

Who was the shortest president in US History?

The shortest president is James Madison, and he was only 64 inches tall! The tallest president is Abraham Lincoln.

Which president was shortest?

If you mean physical height, the shortest was James Madison.

What President was only 5'4 your shortest President?

James Madison

Who was the nations second president?

John Adams was the nations second president.

Was Franklin Pierce the shortest president?

NO- Pierce was of average height. The shortest was James Madison.

Was William Henry Harrison president the shortest?

Shortest according to height, James Madison was the shortest President at 5' 4" or 160 cm. Shortest according to Presidential Term, William Henry Harrison was the shortest term with 31 days, 12 hours, and 30 minutes.