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The Martin sisters were Elizabeth Grace and Rachel.

Elizabeth Martin was the mother of 8 sonsand 1 daughter. Grace Martin married the oldest son wiliam. Rachel martin married one of the sons named Barkley.

Grace and Rachel dressed up as men in their husbands cloths and attacked some brittish troops. THey stole imprtant papers and later came home to find the very troops that they had attacked staying in their house for the night. Thankfuly the soldiers did not racognize them.

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Elizabeth Marshall Martin (wife of Abram Martin) was the mother of seven sons. They all left home to fight in the American Revolutionary War. The two oldest boys were married, and their wives Grace Martin and Rachel Martin, lived with Mrs. Elizabeth Martin. They lived in Old Martintowne, off Martintowne Rd, near Edgefield SC, on a route used to travel between Augusta Ga, and Ninety Six SC.

One afternoon, they received word that a courier was on his way to Old Ninety Six. The two ladies, decided they would capture the soldier and his papers. They dressed in men's clothing, some say their husbands uniforms. The low light of dusk helped their disguises, and armed with guns and their bravery the women captured the courier and his two aides, paroling and sending the men on their way after securing the papers. The papers were then forwarded to Gen. Greene.

The women took a short cut back to the house, and changed back into their regular dresses just before the arrival of the three British soldiers. They showed the lady their parole papers and said they had been captured by two young rebels with rifles. They were given shelter for the night and rode away the next morning without realizing their hostesses were the same young rebels that had captured them.

It is believed that Elizabeth Marshall Martin was related to Chief Justice John Marshall. She had two daughters in addition to seven sons.

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Q: Who was the Martin sisters in the revolutionary war?
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