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Q: Who was the Sheriff of Erie County NY before becoming President?
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Where did president Cleveland live before becoming president?

As Governor of New York, he lived in Albany; prior to that he lived in Buffalo, New York as Erie County Sheriff and Mayor of the city.

Who was the sheriff of Erie County New York before becoming US Ppresident?

Grover Cleveland.

What did Grover Cleveland do for a living before he was President?

Grover Cleveland was a lawyer, the sheriff of Erie County, Mayor of Buffalo and the Governer of New York.

What president was a reporter before becoming president?


What was Barack Obama's dream before becoming president?

I have read somewhere that Obama's dream before becoming President was to be a bank manager.

Who was president of university of Columbia before becoming president?


Was Calvin Coolidge a sheriff before president?

no. Grover Cleveland was sheiff of Buffalo. I think he was the only sheriff to become President. Coolidge was mayor of Northampton, Mass.

Which bush was a governor before becoming president?

George W. Bush, Jr. was Governor of Texas before becoming President of the United States.

What president worked in his family peanut business before becoming involved in politics?

Jimmy Carter was in the peanut business, before becoming President.

Who was the only president to have personally hanged?

Grover Cleveland was the sheriff of Erie County, NY, before he was President, and hangman was one his duties. He actually fulfilled this duty on two occasions.

Who heldthe office of dutchess county sheriff before butch Anderson?

Fred Scoralick

Which president served the longest in the senate before becoming president?

President Lyndon B. Johnson served the longest in the United States Senate before becoming president. He was in the senate for twelve years.