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Q: Who was the Speaker of the House who said that members of Congress needed to learn to go along to get along?
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Who picks the floor leaders of Congress?

The speaker picks the leaders of Congress. The Speaker of the House comes from the party that has the most members in Congress.

The leader of the House of Representatives is the what of the House?

Yes, the leaders of the House of Representatives are members of Congress. To be a member of the House of Representatives you have to be elected. The leadership of the House, including the Majority and Minority leaders, is selected by the members of the House.

Is the speaker a members of the cabinet?

No- not in the US. The speaker of the US house is a leading member of the lower house of Congress and is entirely independent of the President's cabinet.

What house of the US congress is presided over by the Speaker of the House?

Yes, however usually the Speaker does not actually preside over debate, but delegates the job to members of their party, who take it in turns to be the Acting Speaker. In the case of Westminster-style democracies where the Speaker has to be party-neutral, the Speaker always presides.

The speaker of the House is chosen by?

The speaker of the house gets chosen by a vote of the members of the house. The constitution does NOT require that the speaker be an elected member of congress.

The speaker of the house is selected by who?

John Boehner is the most likely candidate for House Speaker of the 112th Congress.

What is a member of Congress who serves as a communications channel between the house's leadership and the rank and file members is known as?

Speaker of the House

Who refers bills to committees in the House?

The Parliamentarian of the United States Senate

How many speakers of the house in congress?

There is only one at a time. The speaker of the house of representatives is chose from the party with the most members. Currently the republicans have a majority of house seats so they were able to choose the speaker.

Is the House of Representatives the same thing as Congress?

There are two parts to the Congress, you have the House of Representatives, which is based on the population of the state and then you have the Senate, in which each state has two members regardless of population.

Who is the most important leader in both houseds of congress?

The Speaker of the House.

What is the lower house in Congress?

The lower house of Congress is the House of Representatives. This half of Congress is made up of 435 members that represent the 50 states.