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Q: Who was the driving country behind the icc?
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Which country wins the ICC world cup from 1975- 2010?

list of country wins yhe ICC world cup from 1975-2010............

Which team stands first at latest icc team ranking?

Australia, however South Africa are not far behind in the ICC Test rankings.

Which country has not won ICC cricket cup ever?

South Africa has not won ICC cricket cup ever.

Which country hosted the 1983 ICC world cup?


Which Asian country is playing the icc t20 second time?


Which country won in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011?


Which country had the lowest innings in ICC world cup cricket?


What is the role of sharad powar in icc?

He bis the vice chairman of ICC. He supervises and coordinates the activities and decisions of it's members and various country boards.

Who was the host country of 1996 ICC World Cup?

Three countries host the 1996 ICC World Cup.They are India,Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Which country emerged the winner of the second tournament?

which country emerged the winner of the ICC tournaments

Which country won the icc world cup in 2007?

Australia won the icc world cup in 2007.Australia beat Sri Lanka by 53 runs.

In which country was the 2010 ICC U-19 World Cup held?