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Marco Polo was one Asian explorer.

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Q: Who was the explorer in search of the Asian trade route?
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Explorer in search of Asian trade route?

The route European explorers looked for was a sea route, as the overland route across Asia was cut off by the Ottoman Empire. The first to discover this route was Vasco de Gama, who went through the perilous Cape of Good Hope and ended up in Calicut, India.

Why did Christopher Newport want to explorer?

to find a western trade route to Asia

What did many explorer search for but never found?

many european explorers tried to find a trade route 2 asia, but many of them, well most of them never found it

What did da gama did?

Da Gama was an explorer who searched for a trade route to India.

What is Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama famous for?

a water trade route from Europe to India by sea.

Why did martin frobisher become a explorer?

Martin Frobisher became an explorer in search of the Northwest Passage, a sea route connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. He hoped to find a faster trade route to Asia for England. Additionally, he was motivated by the potential for fame and fortune that successful exploration could bring.

Who was the explorer was merchant who convinced sponsors in England to support him as he looked for new trade route to Asia made first land claims for England never found trade route?

John Cabot

The first European nation to search for a new trade route to Asia was?


What trade route connected Cordoba and Baghdad?

The Silk Route connected Cordoba to Baghdad and most of the rest of the ancient Asian and Middle Eastern world.

What british explorer sailed into Delaware bay searching for a trade route to the far east?

Henry Hudson

Which explorer was a merchant who convinced sponsors in England to support him as he looked for a new trade route to Asia he never found the trade route but he did make englands first land claims in n?

christoor colubes

Was Vasco da Gama an important explorer?

He was a Portuguese explorer and of course he was important, he was the first to travel around Africa and by doing that, he opened a new trade route.