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Q: Who was the first US president that congress attempted to impeach?
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Did The impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson was the first time the US Congress attempted to remove an American President from office?


How can the president check the power of the Supreme Court and the congress?

Congress has the ability to overrule the President's veto power with a 2/3 majority vote. Furthermore, Congress has the power to impeach the President, and must confirm the President's choices (i.e. appointment of the Supreme Court, etc.). Congress checks the Supreme Court in a few ways as well. First of all, it has to confirm the President's appointments of Supreme Court judges. It also has the power, once again, of impeachment, and has the ability to amend the Constitution.

Who was the first non congress president of India?

Morarji Desai was the first non-congress president of India.

Who was the first congressman to be elected president?

James Madison, the fourth president, served a term in Congress before he was President. He was the first president with experience in Congress.

Who is the first president of national congress?

Womesh Chandra Banarjee is the first president of Indian National Congress(INC).

Who was the first president to declare war?

First, only Congress can delcare war. The President can ask for a declaration of war from Congress. The first President was James Madison. He was president at the start of the War of 1812

Who was the the first president of the second continental congress?

Who was the first Muslim president of the Indian national congress?

Badruddin Tyabji was the first muslim president of Indian National Congress elected in its 1887 Madras session.

Was Peyton Randolf the first president?

Peyton Randolph was not president of the United States. He was, however, the first president of the Continental Congress.

Who was the president of the first continental congress?

Peyton Randolph

Who's the first president who had not served in congress?


Who was the first president that had not serve in congress?

Barack Obama