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John Hancock

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Q: Who was the first and largest singnature that was made by on declaretion of independence?
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Who signed the Declaration of Independence first second etc?

John Hancock was the first on to sign the Declaration of Independence. His signature is also the largest.

Whose was the first signature to appear on the Decleration of Independence?

There are 56 signatures on the Declaration of Independence. The signature of John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress, is the first, largest and most famous.

Whose was first signature to appear on the declaration of independence?

John Hancock, his signature is also the largest on the document

When was Independence First created?

Independence First was created in 2005.

Which of the following phrases does NOT appear in the Declaration of Independence?

women should have a voice in government

Why is first war of independence of 1857 called first war of independence?

it was called the first war of independence because it was the first time when we united and fought as onenation...!

What came first Canadian independence U.S independence or Mexican independence?

u.s independence

Who was the sighners first and last of the Declaration of Independence?

who was the first sighner on the declaration of independence

When did the First war of Independence start?

The first war of independence started on 1857.

What was the first document posted?

the declaration of independence the declaration of independence the declaration of independence

What the first step on Haiti road to independence?

What was the first step on Haiti's road to independence?

Which document was written first the Declaration of independence or the constitution?

The Declaration of Independence was written first.