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Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Q: Who was the first president to send a legislative package to congress?
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What is an example of the president checking congress?

First, the legislative branch can pass a law. The way the executive branch checks that is by either agreeing with it or vetoing it.

How can the executive branch check the legislative check branch?

There are several ways the Executive Branch can check the Legislative Branch. The President has the power to veto bills sent to him by Congress. That means he does not sign the bill into law. In the State of the Union Address, the President lays out his legislative agenda and those items are usually addressed first in the new Congress. The President can give speeches and appear on TV and radio to ask the public to support or oppose certain legislation. The right of "executive privilege" or the right to withhold information that Congress may want to obtain from the President gives the executive a way of blocking action and a way of forcing Congress to bargain with him over policies.

What are 2 examples of how checks and balances work in the federal government?

The first example is how congress checks the President: congress has to approve his cabinet appointments, Supreme Court appointees, and treaties. The President checks congress by having veto power over bills that they have passed.

Who was the first non congress president of India?

Morarji Desai was the first non-congress president of India.

Who was the first congressman to be elected president?

James Madison, the fourth president, served a term in Congress before he was President. He was the first president with experience in Congress.

Who is the first president of national congress?

Womesh Chandra Banarjee is the first president of Indian National Congress(INC).

How does a law or bill get passed?

This question refers to the legislative procedure. At the American federal level a law in first introduced to Congress. Once Congress has passed the law it moves to the Senate. Once both houses agree to the laws language it moves to the president for signing or veto.

Who was the first president to declare war?

First, only Congress can delcare war. The President can ask for a declaration of war from Congress. The first President was James Madison. He was president at the start of the War of 1812

The Virginia House of Burgesses was a direct predecessor of which legislative body?

First Continental Congress

Who was the the first president of the second continental congress?

1816 congress created?

In 1816, Congress created the first permanent committees for the Senate. They created 12 legislative committees in December of 1816.

Who was the first president of us general assembly?

The United States does not have any body called the general assembly. The US Congress is a legislative assembly with two houses, called the House of Representatives and the Senate. One might think of the House as a general assembly. The first Speaker of the House was Frederick Muhlenburg . The first president of the Senate was the vice-president, John Adams. John Langdon was the first president pro tempore of the Senate.