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Most people would call Theodore Roosevelt progressive, but he did not take office until September 14,1901. William McKinley was the President in September 6,1901.

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Theodore Roosevelt liked to be thought of as progressive. His efforts to break up monopolies and trust and his push for conservation are considered as progressive ideas.

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Q: Who was the first progressive president of the US?
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Which US President eatblished the Progressive Income Tax?

The first Progressive Income Tax was established by Congress, (who under the Constitution is the branch of government with the authority to tax), in the year 1862. The president at the time was Abraham Lincoln.

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There have been several. I think Teddy Roosevelt gets credit as the first progressive but Woodrow Wilson was also a progressive by action. Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are all considered progressives by most. The of course our current progressive is Barack Obama.

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What was the effect of the assassination of a us President in 1901?

Theodore Roosevelt became the President of the U.S. He turned out to be a strong President with many "progressive" ideas. He was elected to a term of his own in 1904 .

Who was the Progressive president that used the US economic power to exert influence over other countries?

tony blair

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