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Abraham Lincoln was the first US president to be assassinated

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Q: Who was the first president assinated?
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Has the US ever not had a president?

no since the first president there has always been one even when one is assinated

The first president to be assinated?

should we add another to the list? That's the real question.

Who was President John F. Kennedy supposedly assassinated by and where?

he was assinated in dallas and he was assinated by Lee Harvey Oswald

Was any president been assinated on their inauguation?

Kid, first of all: no. More importantly, STAY IN SCHOOL. Your grammar is atrocious.

What major event happened at NASA when JFK was president?

he was assinated

President John F Kenny was assinated in dallas in what year?


President hopeful assinated in 1968?

Robert Kennedy. Brother of slain president John F. Kennedy.

Who was vice president before Henry Wallase?

Adam gearhart he got assinated

What is James A. Garfield known for?

being the second president assinated and serving in the army

Which president was assinated during his second term?

It has happened twice: Lincoln 1865, McKinley 1901.

What planet is Garfield from?

Garfield is an ... A. imaginary cat invented by a cartoonist OR B. an American President assinated in office

How long was Abraham Lincoln in office before he was assinated?

He was President from 1861-1865 so he was in office for 4 years.