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The Marquis De Lafayette was his name.

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the Marquis de Lafayette

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Q: Who was the french nobleman who became washingtons trusted aide?
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Who was the French nobleman who was Washingtons trusted aide?

the Marquis de Lafayette

Who was the french nobleman that became George Washington's trusted aide?

Marquis de Lafayette

Was Thomas Pain the one who was the french nobleman who became Washington's trusted aid?

the Marquis de Lafayette

Who was the French Protestant nobleman who became king after converting to Catholicism?

It was Henry IV.

Who was the french nobleman who became a key aid to George Washington?

Apex-type question, reworded, but there are more of these floating around

Was Robert De La Salle a Nobleman sailor soldier or a merchant?

he was a french nobleman.

Who invented the first Olympics?

A French nobleman, Pierre Fredy

Who were the emigres french revolution?

French nobleman that emigrated out of france due to the rise of radical elemeants.

How did people earn a living in colonial Rhode Island?

he was a french nobleman who became interested in the American revolution .he severed in the army and gave 200,000 dollars which back then was considered millions or billions.

What was george washingtons home during the french and Indian war?


Who was the french ambassador that violated washingtons neutrality plicies and was deported?


What french nobleman helped revive Olympics games?

Pierre Coubertin